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Hey! We are Sand Pal

We are not fortune tellers, yet, but we can guess you want your child to be the best. In like, everything.

Well, we won’t take all the credits,
but we would love to take some.

Sand Pal is a beautiful ergonomic set of tools, designed to expand creativity to its fullest. Building with Sand Pal is about team work, engaging in natures materials and developing the meaning of fun.

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Indoor Play

Create amazing sand castles

Expand imagination & creativity

Explore your imagination and creativity with endless options and building varieties.

Fine motor skills

Expand and practice a wide variety of skills such as fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, planning and execution, team work and plenty more.

Nature engaging activity

Enjoy the benefits of playing outdoors and connecting with nature.

Family fun activity

Bring the family together and create those memorable moments.

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Meet our Sand Pals


Best beach day! hours of fun thanks to our new kit from Sand Pal


My little chicken and I love playing at the beach especially with our new Sand Pal this building kit takes building sand castles to a whole new level


Creating epic sand castles has never been easier!

How to use Sand Pal

Choose a flat surface to work on. Use sand clean of seashells and stones. Fill mold with damp sand and pack tightly. Situate and eject shape with both thumbs pushing down.

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